Encounter Idea 18 – The Juggler

We’ve all see them and I think everyone finds that when a juggler is performing well it is an enjoyable experience. As the party is walking through town have one begin a performance or have a member of the party notice it and be drawn to it based on what they are juggling.

Some things to consider for objects:
– Balls
– Knives or swords
– Torches
– Helmets (appropriate to your setting)
– Hankerchiefs
– Metal hoops
– Stones

Work your imagination on this and I’m sure you can come up with any number of objects.

While the juggler himself is an interesting side trip you could use this to introduce new elelments or help along parts of your story.

– There’s a pick-pocket in the audience who may or may not be discovered, possibly much later, “Where’s my money pouch?”
– They recognize the juggler as a former adventurer they know, “Let’s go have a drink and catch up?”
– One of the objects the juggler is performing with has a magical aura picked up by the group.

Have some fun with this one, after all the game should be fun for both the GM and the players.

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