Encounter Idea 14 – The Know-it-all

This week’s entry in our role-playing encounter idea collection is the ‘Know-it-all’. Almost everyone has met this type of individual, no matter what the question they have an answer for it along with a (usually lengthy) explantion of why their answer is correct. They also have a gift for coming up with a story to go along with any occasion and love to give advice.

The know-it-all is typically found in the local bar or ale house and could provide comic relief if your campaign is more doom and gloom, or a source of information – whether it’s accurate or not is up to you as the GM and I would recommend that it is correct once in a while.

Some ideas on how to use this individual:
– Have him walk by the party as they are discussing the latest bit of news or information they uncovered and have him interrupt stating that he knows something about it. He then proceeds in a voice much louder than the party would like to convey that information. (Those know-it-alls sure do like the attention.)
– When the party enters the bar the know-it-all is just finishing up his latest story and they recognize a name or place from it.
– When asked by the local authorities the know-it-all responds, “of course I know them we . . .” and watch the players’ faces as the know-it-all spins a tale of their great adventure and the fortune found, of which his share was lost in a crooked card game.

Do you have any ideas on how to use the know-it-all? I’d love to hear them so please feel free to post away!

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